Stay Safe This Fourth Of July

family enjoying patriotic picnic

The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate family, friends, community, and country. But sometimes accidents can happen that injure people or damage property. However, there are easy steps you can take to prevent accidents and injuries at your gathering. Have fun and stay safe this Fourth of July with these essential tips.

Safer Cookouts and Bonfires

During the height of summer, many areas are drier than other times of the year. This dryness combined with heat and sparks from grills and bonfires can lead to accidental fires. You can help prevent embers from turning into flames.

First, ensure you’re grilling in an open area clear of debris and vegetation. Before you begin, do the following:

  1. Give your grill a cleaning to remove flammable material.
  2. If you’re opting for a bonfire or fire pit, make sure it is in a designated area away from structures and dry materials.
  3. Keep a bucket of sand or water handy for the fire pit.

A fire extinguisher is also a smart choice for unexpected blazes.

Safer Picnics and Outdoor Gatherings

Picnics at the parks and other public areas are fun and allow large groups to get together for celebrations. However, there are several things to keep in mind. First of all, bring a first aid kit and make sure it’s nearby at all times for minor scrapes and stings. Second, pack plenty of water to drink so people stay hydrated in the heat of the day. If possible, bring shade structures to provide shelter from the sun. In addition, supervise any cooking surfaces at all times, and keep perishable foods packed in ice inside coolers to prevent spoilage.

Safer Water Play

Hot, sunny weather means many people opt for the pool, beach, or water park to cool off. Adults must monitor children and other adults who may not be strong swimmers. A lifeguard may not always be present and often must watch many people. Poor swimmers can use flotation devices or life jackets to stay safer in the water. Moreover, you should take note of currents or flag warnings at the beach and stay out of the water if the surf is too high.

Many people get dehydrated at the water park, pool, or beach and never realize it. Staying active all day, even in cooling water, can cause the body to lose water, so replace it with regular sips of water.

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Safer Fireworks for All

Finally, practice safety while setting off fireworks. Try to select an open space, and set off one firework at a time. Try not to let a lot of people crowd closely around the fireworks. In addition, keep a bucket of water nearby to place spent fireworks in. And watch children, who may run toward lit fireworks or try to pick them up.

Just a little planning and forethought can help everyone around you have a safer Fourth of July holiday. Have fun!

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