Toyota Is The Future: Check Out This Electric Lineup

As Toyota looks to the future, the company has begun to transition to a new phase of transportation – electrification. As such, Toyota’s lineup of electrified vehicles has begun to grow, be it a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell electric, or battery electric.

Whatever powertrain that you choose, you can rest assured knowing that Toyota is paving the way for the future with a selection of reliable and dynamic vehicles. To help you get to know Toyota’s diverse electrified lineup, we have listed each of the ways an electrified Toyota makes every day happen. We begin with the revolutionary bZ4X.

The bZ4X

The exceptional SUV features a bold exterior that blends modern designs with an unmistakable presence. The bZ4X is the first Toyota to utilize the new eTNGA platform. This platform is an EV-only structure that allows the battery to be placed low in the chassis, which creates more space and allows for a lower center of gravity. The bZ4X comes with a manufacturer-estimated driving range of up to 250 miles.

All-New i-FORCE MAX Engine

This engine delivers unparalleled power with outstanding efficiency. This new hybrid system pairs a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine with an electric motor to produce 437 horsepower. The electric motor is placed between the engine and the transmission, which gives you instantaneous power. You can find this engine on the 2022 Tundra.

Tap Into the Power of an Efficient SUV

The Venza, RAV4 Prime, RAV4 Hybrid, and Highlander Hybrid tap into the power of electric. The Venza’s new all-hybrid powertrain offers a class-leading 219 horsepower. The RAV4 Prime is the quickest RAV4, offering a 302 combined horsepower, while the RAV4 Hybrid offers a 219 horsepower.

The Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition features the power and efficiency that you desire. It has a 243 horsepower.

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Jump Into a Sedan Where Efficiency Meets Style

Not only are they stunning, but the Corolla Hybrid, Camry Hybrid, and Avalon Hybrid also boast of exceptional efficiency ratings thanks to leading hybrid systems. The Corolla Hybrid features a stunning design. The outstanding Camry Hybrid comes with a captivating style and power thanks to the vehicle’s dynamic force engine.

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