UAB Football Preparing to Return in 2017

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Birmingham was devastated when UAB football was taken away due to financial inadequacies expressed by the University President. After a long and hard fought battle, however, the students and citizens were able to convince the school to bring back the program. The plan to return for the 2017 season is well underway, and practices and preparations have already begun.

New Team, Same Coach

Coach Clark surprised everyone when he decided to stick around to help the fight to bring the program back. “I am so excited that UAB Football will return to FBS competitions in 2017,” he stated, “Like our fans, I wanted to light the scoreboard much sooner, but doing it right is more important than doing it fast, and this was our best option.” The coach helped inspire the fight to bring the program back, and he plans to do it right. He is hoping to pick up where he left off.

New Buildings and Equipment

Along with the return comes a new building that includes new equipment for training. There are also rumors of plans to build an on-campus stadium. This is all because of the help from donations given by individuals and business communities. They were able to raise $27 million to bring the program back.

The New Season

Tickets have already been sold for the first game of the season, and people are already ready to buy season tickets. The hype to bring the program back will be huge, but the momentum will have to stay that way to keep the program going.

Show Your Support

Support the cause by purchasing your UAB attire, and going to games when the new season begins. Drive to the games in your new Toyota, and be sure to stop by Limbaugh Toyota on the way for all of your vehicle needs.