Unique & Useful Mother’s Day Gifts

mother's day gift

Finding presents to give mom for Mother’s Day can be difficult. You want her to feel special, but coming up with some different each year can get exhausting. Good Housekeeping offers some creative Mother’s Day gift ideas that mom will actually want to use.

Aromatic Gifts

Momma loves gifts that make her home smell good. She may, however, not always treat herself to these little luxuries, so Mother’s Day is the time to treat your mom. There is the The Pioneer Woman Ceramic Fragrance Warmer or a Terrarium Candle. Give her either one of these for Mother’s Day, and she will enjoy the sweet aroma when using them.

Gifts for the Kitchen

The kitchen is the space where mom gets to create. There’s nothing like turning on the lights of the kitchen, playing a little Brenton Wood music, and getting in the zone to bake delicious treats or whip up a scrumptious homemade dinner. If your mom loves to cook and bake, then you may want to give her this Personalized Wooden Custom Recipe Cutting Board or these cute Porcelain Measuring Spoons that are cactus shaped.

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Gifts for Moms with Green Thumbs

If your mom loves to get her hands a little dirty in the garden or around the yard, then there are several gifts that are perfect for those mothers with green thumbs. Yes, you could give her a bouquet of flowers like everyone else, but those will only last a few days. Instead, opt to give your mom this Azalea Bonsai Tree that she can tend to for years. Or you could gift your mom this Petite Meyer Lemon Tree that she can grow at home. Mom, of course, needs the right equipment to care for her plants. This Gardener’s Tool Seat has seven gardening tools, but it also has a seat for mom. This is great so that she does not have to constantly squat or be on her knees. This gift allows her to take care of her plants without hurting her back.

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