Get To Know Your Alternative Fuel Toyota Vehicles

Do you want more fuel efficiency without sacrificing power or style? Luckily, Toyota offers a variety of alternative fuel vehicles such as hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fuel cell electric vehicles. With any of these options, you are sure to have a balanced vehicle that you can have confidence in. Discover the difference with these key ingredients for an alternative fuel Toyota vehicle that will take you further for less!


When you think of a Hybrid, the word power isn’t typically what comes to mind. However, hybrid vehicles are packed with more power than you may realize! Electric motors have the ability to power-up immediately, unlike fuel-burning engines which have to build up gradually. This means they can exceed the performance of their gas-only counterparts. With the blend of high efficiency and power, you can’t go wrong with a hybrid vehicle.

Fueling Up

You may be surprised to find that hybrids have a fuel tank, just like any other vehicle. All you need is 87 grade gasoline to fuel up! The only difference is how many times you have to visit the gas station. Who really likes to stop for more gas? Having a vehicle that you can fill up less is a huge benefit for most people.


Alternative fuel vehicles require no additional maintenance than gas-only vehicles. They follow the same maintenance schedule as their counterparts, yet deliver less wear and tear and need for replacement parts. This is due to their electric motor, braking systems, and battery. They typically come with longer warranties as well. These factors deliver peace of mind year after year and require less money to keep up.


Considering the Prius Prime Plug In Hybrid? When this vehicle is fully charged, it has an EPA estimated driving range up to 25 miles on battery power alone and then carries on as a regular hybrid. Plugging in makes sure you are getting the most out of your mileage while saving money.

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Hybrid Balance

The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is actually the most powerful in the RAV4 lineup and has the most fuel efficiency, making it stand out among the rest of the pack. If you are interested in the efficiency of a hybrid but the features and size of an SUV, consider the 2020 Toyota Highlander Hybrid for space more suitable for your family. If it’s compact style you are looking for, check out the 2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid, 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid, or even the 2020 Toyota Avalon Hybrid.

No matter which alternative fuel vehicle you choose, you are sure to get more power, fuel efficiency, and longer lasting parts!