Sniff Up These Ideas To Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

The smell of fresh towels

Day-to-day living means our homes are constantly filled with an array of smells. However, not all of the scents are nice. But sometimes, we may not notice how the house smells or don’t know how to get it to smell better. Fortunately, there are some easy techniques you can try. Sniff up these clever ideas that will keep your home smelling fresh.

Bake Some Cookies

Realtors often use this trick to entice potential home buyers. When you pop a tray of cookies into the oven to bake, the delicious smell can fill the whole house. While you might not want to bake cookies every day, this is a way to make your home smell more inviting. Try keeping frozen, pre-shaped cookie dough in the freezer and baking one or two in the toaster oven to get the lovely smell without ending up with dozens of cookies.

Open up Some Baking Soda

You may have heard about using baking soda to absorb smells in your refrigerator, but it can do the same thing outside it. The baking soda doesn’t cover bad smells but will absorb them from the air. Try filling a few small bowls and placing them discreetly around your home. Then replace the bowls weekly.

Roast Some Beans

Even people who don’t like to drink coffee enjoy the smell of roasted coffee wafting through the air. You can get that smell in your home even when there’s no pot brewing by placing a few coffee beans on a pan and roasting them in the oven for seven to 10 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another Use for Lemon Rinds

The next time you use lemons to flavor your food or enhance your water, save the rinds. Then you can add the peels to a pot of water on the stove and simmer them on low for hours of lemony fresh smells in your home.

Diffuse Some Essential Oils

The great thing about diffusing essential oils is that you can place attractive diffusers anywhere in your home. In addition, you can mix and match the essential oil scents you use for a layered effect.

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Put Out a Cup of Vinegar

Sometimes dinner recipes include strong-smelling foods and spices that seem to linger for days or more. But you can combat those lingering smells by leaving a cup of vinegar on the counter overnight. The vinegar’s acids will bind with the odor molecules, and you can empty the cup in the morning after it’s done its job. The vinegar smell will fade.

There are so many simple ways to help your home smell more comforting and inviting. You can use one method or several ways to create a delightful ambiance. A great-smelling home will help the spaces in your home seem more relaxing for you and your guests.

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