Find A Furever Friend At The Greater Birmingham Humane Society

At animal adoption center

If you want a new friend, consider adopting one. The Greater Birmingham Humane Society has a lot of adoptable pets to choose from. Who knows? You may find your new best friend.

Adopt Nearly Any Type of Pet

When you think of adopting a pet, you probably picture a dog or a cat. While those are the most common adoptions, they aren’t the only ones. The Greater Birmingham Humane Society also has rabbits, birds, horses, farm-type animals, small animals, amphibians, fish, and reptiles for adoption.

As you browse their adoptable pets, you can even filter by the type of pet.

Adopt Pets of Any Age

No two shelter pets are the same. Specifically, some are young puppies while others are old dogs. You can adopt a pet of any age from the Humane Society.

Consider a young pet for a long-term commitment. This way, you’ll have a friend for years to come. Alternatively, adopting an older pet will let you ensure their last few years are happy.

How to Prepare for Adoption

Before you adopt a pet, make sure you are ready to welcome them home. The Greater Birmingham Humane Society has tips to help you prepare.

First, make sure you have the essentials. For instance, you need food and water bowls, a leash, a collar, and grooming supplies. You also need toys, food, and a bed or crate. If you adopt a pet other than a dog or cat, then you’ll need slightly different supplies. After buying everything, make sure to pet-proof your home as well.

Get to Know the Greater Birmingham Humane Society

Take a minute to learn about the Greater Birmingham Humane Society before adopting your new pet. It has a long history. Specifically, the Humane Society opened in 1883 and has worked to promote humane treatment since then. This applies to both people and animals.

The Humane Society also makes education a priority. For example, it has a lot of downloadable materials for teachers and parents.

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What If You Can’t Adopt?

Not everyone can adopt a pet. If this applies to you, there are other options like fostering a pet instead. Before you accept a foster, you will know how long they’ll stay with you.

Alternatively, you can volunteer at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. Most volunteers help with daily shelter tasks. For example, you can help clean kennels or take dogs for walks. There are even some volunteer-from-home options.