How To Throw A Kid-Friendly Pool Party

Small boy in the pool

To any kid, the pool sounds like a great idea in the summertime. And that is especially true if their friends get to tag along. Knowing kids and their creative imaginations, they will come up with pool games to play and can easily entertain themselves. Although, why not do a little extra for your little ones this swimming season? With the addition of floats, party treats, and music, you will be known as the mom or dad who knows how to throw a fun, kid-friendly pool party.

Go Overboard with Floats

Kids love pool toys, especially floats! Their imagination runs wild. They may look like they are on an innertube, but to them, they are the captain of a pirate ship in the middle of the Caribbean! Don’t be afraid to go over the top with pool floats. Stray away from the innertubes you use for tanning and invite unicorns, flamingos, and pineapples to the pool this season. After you know how many kids to expect at your pool party, be sure there are enough floaties to go around. They also make great party favors.

Plan the Pool Games

Though your little ones probably have some games in mind, plan two to three so all the kids get a chance to play! You can play these pool games in the water or poolside. Some examples are sharks and minnows, freeze tag, and Marco Polo. Don’t be afraid to try a scavenger hunt in which kids can collect certain items you’ve tossed into the pool, such as dive sticks and sinking pool rings.

Don’t Forget The Poolside Treats

All that playing and using their imagination will make a kid hungry in no time. This is your time to shine in the kitchen and have some fun with the poolside treats you provide. Ensure your snacks are hydrating, refreshing, and something everyone can enjoy. Popsicles, watermelon, and ice cream are great go-to’s and easy to jazz up if you are looking to do something fun with them.

Be Prepared

Kids don’t think about this stuff while splashing all day, but they are thankful when it is provided when they need it. Be sure to stock up on towels, sunscreen, goggles, and first aid supplies. It can always be handy to have floaties and life vests on deck too in case you have a weak swimmer or if someone forgets to bring their own. Being prepared is part of having the most fun. If you have everything you need, the fun gets to go on!

Turn Up the Music

In addition to their pool games, kids love to dance, especially to their favorite song. Ask parents and guardians ahead of time what their kid’s favorite song is. Make a playlist and watch them go crazy when they hear their favorite song while they are swimming.

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Carry On into the Night

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the party has to stop. Kids love swimming in the dark! Make sure your pool area is equipped with the proper outdoor lighting, and your pool has lights to illuminate the water, and you are golden. If you are looking for ways to add lighting, you can add string lights, tiki torches, and twinkle lights to any patio.

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