Visit The McWane Science Center


Are you looking for places to take your kids where you know they’ll have a good time – but learn a lot in the process? Those spots can be hard to find, which is exactly why the McWane Science Center is such a gem. This science center is fun for kids and adults alike, and with so many exhibits to check out, you can easily stay there for hours. No matter what you’re interested in when it comes to the world of science, you are likely to find it here. Take a look at what you can expect when you visit, and you’ll want to plan a trip as soon as possible.

World of Water Aquarium

Perhaps one of the coolest attractions of this entire science center? The World of Water Aquarium. That’s right, there’s an actual aquarium at this place, and you can find all kinds of marine animals there. There’s also a shark and ray touch tank for those who want to get closer to the animals. This is definitely one part of the science center that you just don’t want to miss. You can find it at the lower level.


On level one, you can find ScienceQuest, which is a science exploration exhibit unlike any other. This room will answer so many of your science questions… and may even raise some new ones. If you want to learn the basics of the way science works or figure out how to conduct an experiment, you may want to make this exhibit your first stop.

Itty Bitty Magic City

Are you bringing very young children to this science center? If you are, then you’re going to want to take them to the Itty Bitty Magic City. This place is ideal for the youngest visitors to the museum, and they’ll learn how to play with others and gain important hand-eye coordination skills at the same time. They are going to have an amazing time exploring this tiny city.

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Alabama Dinosaurs

Do you have a child who just can’t get enough dinosaur facts? Then it’s time to take a trip to the Alabama Dinosaurs exhibit. Here, you’ll learn all about the dinosaurs that used to roam the earth – and some of them that might have even been in Alabama! This may just be one of the most interesting exhibits at the whole science center, so it should be on your list of places to check out.

With so much to see at this learning hot spot, you have to make plans to check it out. Visit with your family sometime soon.

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