Save Your Cash With These Grocery Shopping Hacks

Man grocery shopping in the supermarket.

At Limbaugh Toyota we’re always looking for ways to help our clients save money. And that’s not just on new and used vehicles. Cutting costs wherever you can is always a good idea, but for many people, the majority of their monthly expenses are set in stone. However, reducing your grocery bill is one area where cutting cost is more in your control. If you’re looking for ways to save at the checkout counter, you’ll appreciate this list of  grocery shopping hacks. Read on to learn more.

Walk Through Aisles You Don’t Need

When you’re in the grocery store, you should avoid temptation as much as possible. One way to do that is selectively choosing the aisles you use to move between departments. It’s better is you use aisles that don’t have merchandise you would be interested in. For instance, if you don’t have any pets, walk down the pet food aisle to get to the grocery aisle.

Buy Whole Chicken

Unless you’re cooking for a crowd, you can save big by purchasing a whole chicken rather than buying chicken parts such as wings, thighs, or breast. You’ll be able to make more than one meal from it, and it will costs less per pound. To carve your chicken, grab a pair of kitchen shears, cut it up the breast bone and back bone, then cut the two sides in half. Finally, cut off the wings and legs and you’re done.

Shop at the Farmers’ Market Late in The Day

If you like to shop at the farmers’ market, go to the market later in the day. Seller’s often lower their prices as they approach closing time in order to avoid taking unsold produce home.  You can find discounts as great as 80%.

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Buy A Water Bottle

Instead of stocking up on bottled water every week, buy a reusable water bottle. Initially, the reusable bottle may seem like it costs more, but if you purchase a 12-pack of water during each weekly grocery run, you’re spending roughly $315 a year on bottled water whereas a quality water bottle will cost a fraction of that.

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