How To Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

Woman driver being hot during heat wave in car, suffering from hot weather wipes sweat from forehead

It only takes a few moments in the brutal summer heat for the inside of your car to reach boiling temperature. And in the sometimes triple-digit temperatures in Birmingham, you can waste a lot of time and energy trying to cool your car down enough to get into it. Stop turning your vehicle into an oven and try these tips to keep your car cool this summer.

Seek Shade Whenever You Can

Finding the shaded spot under a tree in the parking lot can be like winning the lottery. But if you see an open, shady spot, make a beeline. Parking in the shade can make a huge difference and makes the other tips for keeping your car cool even more effective.

A Little Airflow Goes a Long Way

When you park in the shade or the sun, crack your front and backseat windows about a quarter to half an inch. Just this tiny amount can allow air to flow through the car. It prevents the dangerously hot temperatures that can burn your skin if you’re not careful. However, don’t lower your windows so far that someone could get their hand inside.

Make a Shade

Your car has a lot of windows, but the biggest is usually the front windscreen. Use a sunshade or window visors to block the harsh rays out. By placing the sunshade in the window, you’ll return to lower temperatures and a steering wheel you can touch without getting burned.

Take a Towel Along

In fact, bring several towels on the hottest days. Towels are versatile and perfect for covering surfaces like the steering wheel or leather seats. After parking, cover your seat and steering wheel with light-colored towels so you won’t have to wait or run the AC before getting inside.

Open Door Policy

Don’t be in a hurry to shut all the car doors. When you turn your car and the fan on, leave your car doors open, or lower your windows all the way to allow the superheated air to escape the vehicle. While the windows are down or the doors are open, adjust your AC to push air out from the lower vents. This is because heat rises, so pumping cooler air through the lower vents will help force the hotter air upward and out more quickly.

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Get Your AC Checked and Charged

Of course, these techniques work best when your AC is ready for the summer. If you haven’t had it checked lately, then don’t wait. Nobody wants to be in the car in the middle of a Birmingham summer with a broken AC. At Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, Alabama, our service technicians will inspect your AC and ensure it’s pushing out the coolest air possible. Don’t sweat the summer heat, and make an appointment today.

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