Learn How To Jump-Start Your Car Safely

Man jump starting car battery
You hopped in your car, ready to hit the road for the work commute, or perhaps a social event, only to find that your vehicle won't start. While ever so often it's inevitable, it puts a dent in your day, and no one likes to sit around and wait for... [read more]

Spend The Day Exploring Moss Rock Preserve

Father carrying son on his shoulders while hiking
Whether you are from the area or an aspiring traveler passing through town, the city of Hoover has something for everyone. One of Hoover's most popular attractions is Moss Rock Preserve, a nature preserve right in the middle of Hoover. Moss Rock preserves 349 acres of abundant forestation, large cliff-like rocks,... [read more]

Spice It Up At One Of These Mexican Restaurants!

a plate of tacos with limes and cheese
When you’re in the mood for Mexican food, Birmingham is a great place to look! Check out these appetizing options for tasty Mexican cuisine. Rojo Overlooking a scenic park, Rojo offers indoor and outdoor dining with a menu of Latin favorites and American standards. Your visit can start with any of their... [read more]

Parents: Prepare For Your Next Summer Road Trip With Little Ones

Father buckling his son into carseat
You love your kids, but taking road trips with them can be stressful. Between keeping them safe and entertained, you can feel overwhelmed. Make your next road trip fun and easy by preparing ahead of time. Check out these tips to prepare for your next summer road trip with your... [read more]

These Tips Will Help Your Vehicle Live Longer

Toyota Tacoma Brake Service Technician
Preventative maintenance is the key to making your car last longer. The proper maintenance schedule will also help you avoid major issues, so you won’t have to pay top dollar to fix problems. Go over some preventative maintenance tips you can follow to optimize your vehicle’s performance, minimize expensive repairs,... [read more]