Cherish Hometown Treasures With Picture Birmingham!

Scene overlooking Birmingham street with Vulcan statue mural
As a Birmingham or surrounding area resident, it can be easy to get lost in the day-to-day matters and forget what makes this city so special. From the Vulcan statue to the color tunnels to the Rotary Trail Sign, Birmingham is booming with landmarks and sights to see at every... [read more]

Compare The Different Toyota Camry Trim Levels

2020 Toyota Camry
The Toyota Camry is sure to be at the top of everyone’s wish list this season. From the stunning colors it comes in, to the luxurious interior details, this is a car you don’t want to pass up. If you’re still unconvinced, read on for a comparison of the three... [read more]

Tips To Express Your Gratitude This Season

Thank you card inside a brown envelope left on an office table
The season of thankfulness is upon us and it’s time to reflect on all the things you’re grateful for in your life. While this may be a season of large gestures in order to show your thankfulness, there are also smaller ways to practice this all the time. Let this... [read more]

Embrace All That Autumn Has To Offer With This Pumpkin Chili Recipe

bowl of chili with black beans and cornbread
The words autumn and pumpkin are basically synonymous lately. It’s almost impossible to enjoy one without enjoying the other as well. From pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin bread, pumpkin is in so many beloved fall recipes. But one recipe you may not have heard of yet is pumpkin chili. For... [read more]

Crafts You Will FALL In Love With

Closeup of front door and decorative autumn wreath
With inspiration from our friends at Better Homes & Gardens, we put together a list of our favorite fall crafts. These projects will keep your family entertained and your house looking up to the season. Enjoy! Cozy Sweater Vases Wondering what to do with those cable-knit sweaters you’ve outgrown or found at... [read more]