Enjoy A Night Of Fine Dining At Bistro 218

Creme Brulee
In case you haven't noticed, downtown Birmingham is booming these days. Entertainment venues stay busy. Hotels are filled. And restaurants served some of the finest food in the southeast. Oh yeah, and contrary to what some people might say, downtown is safe. That's why, if you're looking for a good... [read more]

Where To Find Popular Murals In Birmingham

Scene overlooking Birmingham street with Vulcan statue mural
Birmingham is becoming more and more known for its murals in the downtown area. A recent movement has inspired a lot more to pop up all over the place. These murals aren’t always easy to find, but are well worth the search. Let us guide you to them, so you... [read more]

Try This Glazed Ham Recipe For Easter

Traditional glazed baked pork. Homemade roasted ham, on festive served Easter lunch or brunch table
Spring offers a restart and there is no better time to celebrate life than with the Easter holiday that happens this time of year. It is a wonderful time to gather with family and reflect on your blessings. Of course, when you gather with family, it is always fun to... [read more]

Do You Need To Check Your Coil Springs This Season?

Shock Absorber and Spring in a car
Maintaining  your vehicle requires you to follow a maintenance schedule. Routine maintenance tasks like oil changes and and filter replacements can be scheduled based on mileage. Your vehicle will likely notify when many of these tasks are due. There are less frequent areas of maintenance that you should keep an... [read more]

Enjoy Local Activities This Spring Break

Birmingham, Alabama skyline at Railroad Park.
Spring Break season is here. You may not have been able to take a vacation, but do not let that stop you and your family from having a wonderful week. From fabulous restaurants and Baron games to parks and trails to traverse, there are so many things to locally in... [read more]