Restore Your Car’s Headlights

auto mechanic buffing and polishing car headlight Car detailing - man with orbital polisher in auto repair shop. Selective focus.
Headlights play a key role in keeping you safe as you drive in the dark as well as on a rainy or foggy day. When your headlights, however, have seen better days, then they are not working to their full potential. This could be dangerous for you and the passengers... [read more]

Tasty BBQ Places In Birmingham

Grilled Spicy Hot Spare Pork Ribs Barbecue
Whether you spell it barbecue, barbeque, or BBQ, the sweet and spicy taste of smoked meat is delicious. Some may prefer the Texas style or the Carolina method for their barbecue, but Alabama has some incredible barbecue joints as well. For residents in Birmingham, you will enjoy a delicious barbecue... [read more]

Unique & Useful Mother’s Day Gifts

mother's day gift
Finding presents to give mom for Mother's Day can be difficult. You want her to feel special, but coming up with some different each year can get exhausting. Good Housekeeping offers some creative Mother's Day gift ideas that mom will actually want to use. Aromatic Gifts Momma loves gifts that make her... [read more]

Make Any Of These Punches For Your Spring Events

cranberry punch in a punch bowl against a blue wooden background
The spring season is full of occasions celebrating momentous life events like bridal showers, baby showers, engagement showers, weddings, and more. These occasions are fun celebrations filled with music, games, good food, and drinks. If you are searching for fun drinks that are not soda or lemonade, then try these... [read more]

Get Behind Toyota’s Jewel – The 2023 Crown

When you're in the market for a hybrid sedan in Birmingham, AL, then check out the 2023 Toyota Crown. This vehicle provides an easy-to-use infotainment system, standard all-wheel drive, and peppy powertrain options. So when you're ready to get an inside look at the Crown, then stop by Limbaugh Toyota.... [read more]