Follow These Safety Tips When Tailgating

Excited group of sports fans celebrating at tailgate party
With football season starting, that means that tailgating season is upon us once again. Whether you are the grill master, or someone who just enjoys hanging out before the game, SafeWise has these great tips for you to ensure a fun time tailgating. Food Safety For our grill masters, SafeWise has three... [read more]

Spend Your Saturday At The Birmingham Zoo

Kids feed rhino in zoo. Family at animal park.
The Birmingham Zoo features a dazzling array of animals from around the world and from our backyard. For decades, the zoo has been a favorite destination for the young and young at heart. You can see fantastic creatures and learn about the zoo’s innovative conservation efforts. From educational programs to... [read more]

Safety Tips For Every Carpool Driver

kids going to school
It’s almost back to school time, and many parents turn to carpool to get kids to school. Carpooling is a convenient way to get the kids on time while sharing the burden and cost. However, many parents worry if carpooling is a safe option for their children. Here are some... [read more]

Check Out These New Birmingham Restaurants

women eating at restaurant
Alabamians love great food, and the incredible range of restaurants in Birmingham reflects that love. And when it comes to restaurants, the more, the merrier. So, when a new place opens up, it’s a good opportunity to get out and sample new flavors with friends and family. Check out these... [read more]

Sniff Up These Ideas To Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

The smell of fresh towels
Day-to-day living means our homes are constantly filled with an array of smells. However, not all of the scents are nice. But sometimes, we may not notice how the house smells or don’t know how to get it to smell better. Fortunately, there are some easy techniques you can try.... [read more]