Enjoy Food And Music At The 2019 Moonstone Festival

Moonstone Festival
Let’s face it. Women in the local community rock, and they create some of the best art and music that comes out of the Birmingham area. Therefore, they deserve to be celebrated. That’s precisely what’s going to happen at the 2019 Moonstone Festival. This is the first time this gathering... [read more]

Birmingham Murals Worth Seeing

Birmingham Murals
Do you ever feel like you’ve already seen everything that the city has to offer? That’s not an unusual feeling, especially when you’ve lived in the same place for quite some time. But you may be surprised by how much you can miss daily. This is especially true when it... [read more]

See The ‘Barbie: Dreaming Of A Female Future’ Exhibit

barbie exhibit
Is there a doll more iconic than Barbie? Before her debut at the 1959 New York Toy Fair, there was no three-dimensional fashion doll for children to play with, so Ruth Handler created one: Barbie. She was named Ruth’s daughter, Barbara, and was an instant, lasting success. Through the years,... [read more]

Highland Halloween 2019

Ah, Halloween! The one night of the year that you can unabashedly walk up to strangers' homes and demand they give you candy, all while in disguise! Who among us doesn't have memories of strolling through their local pop-up Halloween store with their parents begging them for the name-brand superhero... [read more]

Family Fun At The Fall Thang!

Fall Thang
If you feel like dancing, but don’t feel like putting up with the weekend club scene, you can head out to the scenic countryside for a carefree night of fun. Applewood Farm will soon open its gorgeous event space for the Fall Thang, a festive dance party, so slide into... [read more]