Kid Science at the McWane Science Center

kid science
Right now, your kids are like sponges. They soak up everything you put in front of them. Make sure they soak up some science by taking them to the McWane Science Center. The science center makes learning fun for kids. This is a great way to introduce your kids to... [read more]

Best Mother’s Day Gifts to Order Now

Mother's Day Birmingham
Mother's Day is such a special day for families out there. What better way to show your mom how special she is to you than a perfect gift that's just for her! Here are ten ideas for gifts that may be perfect for your mom on Mother's Day. Lumen Oil Candle... [read more]

Soul Artist Lalah Hathaway is Coming to Town

Lalah Hathaway
Don’t miss your chance to hear Lalah Hathaway this soul artist perform when she makes her way to Birmingham. Soul music is very unique, and her style speaks for itself to say that she is different and individualistic. Stop by to hear her perform, and check out her amazing sound... [read more]

Knitwise Tuesdays at Birmingham Public Library

woman's hands knitting
Have you ever watched someone knit and wondered how they do it? You can’t understand how they can take some yarn and turn it into something special. You can find out how at Knitwise Tuesdays at the Birmingham Public Library. This event happens every Tuesday through May 16 at the... [read more]

Come and Enjoy the Spring Walking Tour in Birmingham

Spring Walking Tour
How often do you pay attention to the beauty around this city. Well, here's your chance. Attend the Spring Walking Tour to discover some of the best views of Birmingham. It will feature multiple areas, including the Rotary Trail that is a fairly new addition to the downtown area. This event will... [read more]