Axe Throwing: Birmingham’s Newest Obsession

Axe Throwing
Hobbies are an unusual concept. Think about it. Everyone has some sort of hobby. Whether you enjoy scrapbooking, collecting, kayaking, reading, or any other hobby, your desires and interests are unique only to you. If, however, you’re ready to add a bit of excitement to your life, you might consider... [read more]

Get Climbing With Birmingham Boulders

Birmingham Boulders
Rock climbing has a long history of providing excitement and thrills for those interested. Whether you enjoy seeing how high you can climb or the aspect of adventure, rock climbing can be an amazing experience. Even better is the fact that with inside gyms and climbs, you can be secure... [read more]

The 2018 Cahaba River Fry-Down Returns This Month

Cahaba River Fry-Down
Southerners are known for many things, but the hands-down tastiest of them all is fried food. And fried catfish in particular? Well, we’ve pretty much cornered the market on it. That’s why you’re probably going to want to mark your calendar for the 9th annual Cahaba River Fry-Down, which is... [read more]

Best Coffee Shops In Birmingham

If you’re an avid coffee drinker who enjoys hanging out with friends at local coffee shops, it’s time that you visited the best coffee shops in Birmingham. Let’s take a closer look at some of the amazing coffee shops in the Birmingham area and all they have to offer. O’Henry’s Coffees Known... [read more]

Take A Trip To The Southern Museum Of Flight

Southern Museum of Flight
When it comes to a kid’s imagination, few things compare. The childlike wonder that children possess usually begins with their toys, starting with a rattler and then maybe a stuffed animal. As time goes on, kids are drawn to fancier objects such as a car or a Barbie doll. These... [read more]